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Classic Car with Custom Interior Upholstery by Sis Upholstery

Automotive Upholstery Services

Since our beginning in 1924, Sis Upholstery has been performing upholstery services on automotive interiors, tops and vinyl tops on all makes and models of cars. From the late 1800's to present day, automotive upholstery has been part of our history. With three generations of knowledge and upholstering experience quality and craftsmanship is put into every job.


Working with and listening closely to every client's needs and wants allows us to provide effective options and solutions, ultimately resulting in exactly what the customer envisioned.


Sis Upholstery has provided upholstery services on many cars that have gone on to win various first place titles in originality and craftsmanship. A prime example is the leather seating completed for a 1909 Ford Touring car, the owner entered the vehicle into a competition, winning the Stynoski Award from Model T Ford Club International. This is the highest award a Model T can be honored and it can only be won by a single car in any given calendar year.


At Sis Upholstery, we always strive to make our work the best and at times our work gets featured in magazines and wins titles. Whether it be making the interior as close to original as possible, making it aesthetically pleasing, or keeping the project within budget we do high-quality work for all of our customers.


Examples of Automotive Upholstery Projects and Repairs:


Aside from simply repairing and replacing fabrics, our innovative upholsterers can also correct the cause of certain problems. When durability is an issue, we often improve on the manufacturer's shortcomings in design to help reduce and prevent wear. This includes various choices in padding, seat design, fabric and other variables. At Sis Upholstery, it's more than just making pieces look pleasing, it's also about making them structurally sound and long lasting.


If you're restoring a vehicle or have automotive upholstery questions, contact us - 320.251.8171.