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Classic Antique Car with Custom Upholstery by Sis Upholstery

Our Growing History

Sis Auto & Furniture Upholstery (Sis Upholstery) has a rich history dating back to 1920's Germany. The company was founded by Francis Xavier Sis, known by all as FX, in 1924. Born and raised in Germany, FX became a Master Upholsterer in 1914. In 1923 FX left Germany to head to America, specifically St. Cloud, MN where his uncle, Joseph Sis, sponsored his immigration. Upon arrival he changed the spelling of his last name from Suess to Sis, the name we operate under today. FX quickly obtained an upholsterer job and in March 1924 his boss offered to sell him the shop. FX purchased the business; thus less than one year after arriving in America Sis Auto & Furniture Upholstery was founded.


Since then the company has moved, grown and adapted, keeping up with industry standards and trends. In 1938, the shop moved to 1412 West Saint Germain Street. At that time automobile upholstery made up most of the shop's business. Even during the Great Depression the company continued to grow; FX recalls "I was always busy."


This is a family business, passed down from generation to generation. Some of Sis Auto & Furniture Upholstery's established employees include:



FX had two sons, Frank and Robert; both were encouraged to work at the shop whenever they were not busy with their studies. Robert graduated Cathedral High School in 1951 and at the age of 18 went to work in the shop full time.


In April of 1956, Robert took over the business. Many changes in the industry occurred, affecting the upholstery business greatly.



To keep up with changes, Robert expanded the shop. He was innovative, and had to be to keep his employees busy, both during the economic highs and lows. He retired in 2001 after running the shop for 45 years.


In 2001 the shop relocated, moving to 1621 County Road 137 in Waite Park, MN. Robert's son, FX's grandson, Christopher Sis took over the shop. Today Chris is the 3rd generation running Sis Auto & Furniture Upholstery. The rich history and master upholstery skills have been passed down over the years; we still believe in old world craftsmanship and strive for precision with perfection on every job.